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Ecospray wins order from DHSC for a newbuilding Aframax 115K DWT

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

We received an order from the Korean shipyard Daehan Shipbuilding to install an Open loop EGCS on a newbuilding Aframax Greek-owner, set to be delivered in 2022.

The system will run in an Open Loop configuration, for the removal of SOx gases generated by the 12.69 MW main engine and 3 auxiliary engines. The order delivery is set for Spring 2022.

The newbuilding project will be locally supervised by Magna Mare, Ecospray’s partner for the Korean market. Magna Mare, specifically, will follow the mechanical construction, installation supervision & commissioning, and management of the EGC system.

With more than 650 certified EGCS and with a range of new additional environmental technologies to remove SOx, NOx, and PM, this order strengthens the presence on the Korean market and represents a significant milestone in Ecospray’s path towards greener ships.

We, Magna Mare, are truly excited to be part of such a significant Project , the first ever Ecospray EGCs to be fabricated and installed in S.Korea.

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