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Marine Equipment manufacturers trading internationally opt for flexible manufacturing capacities and capital efficiency.

For any such M.E.Ms marketing their products in Asian Markets , we offer an ideal Marine Equipment Manufacturing & Assembly solution for most Marine Equipment and Shipbuilding/Repair Steel Structures.

Through our Managed Manufacturing Facilities in Busan-S.Korea , we can ensure a seamless work flow all the way from Design Approval to Production Design Optimization, Procurement ,Logistics, Fabrication & Assembly, QC Supervision and FAT via our onsite Dedicated Technical Production & QC Team.

Our direct accumulated experience in shipbuilding and Quality control Management enables our team to guarantee on-time delivery of highest Quality Marine Equipment , fully complying with Korean Manufacturing quality standards, exceeding our clients expectations.

In addition we manufacture and assemble various OFE (Owner Furnished Items) for ongoing NB or Retrofit projects, test and deliver them anywhere in Korea or around the Globe.  



ISO Certified Factory

Area : 2,560 m2

iso certificates.png


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