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40' Containerized Integrated ERMA FIRST FIT eX BWTs Soluti

We're thrilled to announce the design completion of fully Integrated 40' High Cube Containerized ERMA FIRST FIT eX #BWTs Solution.

These containers offer a BWTs #retrofitting solution delivered as a pre-assembled solution, including fully automatic ERMA FIRST ESK Engineering Solutions S.A. FIT EX systems and all associated internal piping and wiring, for easy integration into the vessel.

This #solution is ideal for vessels with limited space in E/Rs for BWTs installation

· Covering Flow rates from 1,500m3 up to 2,000m3 per hour

· 40' High Cube Standard #Container can be easily delivered worldwide with smallest possible time frame and cost

· Plug & play solution with the absolute minimum of installation downtime for the vessel.

· Reduced Piping and Electrical Installation cost

· Can be installed on Hazardous Zone 1

· Highest Fabrication and Assembly Quality standards


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