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Ecospray appoints Magna Mare as exclusive agent in S.Korea

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Ecospray appoints Magna Mare as exclusive agent in S.Korea

On of the top three EGCs makers in the world with arguably the largest portfolio of references for certified and operating systems has appointed Magna Mare as their exclusive agents in S.Korea.

Ecospray specializes in research & development, design and realization of innovative technologies for gas cleaning and/or gas cooling in diverse industrial processes. Ecospray solutions allow to meet emission regulations cost effectively while sustaining or enhancing operating efficiencies.

Established in 2005, Ecospray operates worldwide offering unique solutions applied in cooling down hot gases and in the removal of regulated pollutants from the exhaust gases of power stations, marine engines, cement and steel plants, chemical plants/refineries and waste incineration.

Ecospray’s Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) are able to meet the compliance needs for the 2020 sulfur cap (0.5% S), as well as those of the ECA areas (0.1% S), using all different options – Open Loop, Closed Loop & Hybrid depending on the operational needs of each vessel. The System operates comfortably up to 3.5% sulfur fuel at high engine loads without the addition of chemicals, even in lower alkalinity conditions, such as Alaska and the Baltic Sea.

As of today, Ecospray has secured over 330 orders, out of which approx. 250 systems are installed, commissioned and certified, the majority of which are open loop.

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