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ERMA FIRST has signed an MOU with DSEC on Monday the 22nd of June for the BWTS retrofit market. This co-operation will offer to ship owners a turnkey solution for their vessels, combining the vast engineering capabilities of DSEC with an extremely simple, robust and efficient technology ,used by the ERMA FIRST / ERMA FIRST FIT BWTS.

More than 40.000 vessels will have to comply to the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention while more and more owners are in the process of making decision on how to best comply with the US ballast water regulations.

Mr Konstantinos Stampedakis , Managing Director of ERMA FIRST stated that “ Following a very successful presence of ERMA FIRST in the Korean Market , we are now expanding our capabilities to offer a first class service to our customers in Greece and abroad”.

Both DSEC and ERMA FIRST wish to promote further the excellent bilateral relations existing between the shipping and shipbuilding communities of both Greece and Korea, in particular in the fields of marine and ship technology and equipment such as BWTS and LNG FGSS.

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