Our team specializes in the Business Development for Marine Equipment Manufacturers and service providers.

Working closely with our business partners we develop a tailor made business Development Strategy and deploy an array of supporting services ensuring  sustainable long-term business growth.

Our Innovative Business Development model is based on application of an

  • Optimized Revenue generating Model

  • B2C (business-to-consumer)

  • Tailor Made Marketing Strategy

  • Customer Relationship Management


Our objective is to assist Manufacturing Companies in

  • Formation of a strong Corporate identity

  • Identifying Strategic clients through research

  • Situational & SWOT Analysis

  • Marketing their products and solutions effectively & directly to Strategic Clients

  • Freeing their business from dependencies on any 3rd parties

  • Ensure their revenue generation channels are not affected by external environmental changes (Covid19,Political Events etc)

  • Create direct and close business relationships with Key Clients & key Industry decision makers

  • Empower & Support their In-house Sales team

  • Lower CPS (cost per sale) & Overall Marketing costs

  • Optimizing their product Design and/or Manufacturing operations

  • Free capital for investing in Innovation / R&D

''Business has only two functions - Innovation & Marketing

Innovation & Marketing Generate Sales & Profit

Everything else is a cost ''





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