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Our International team has an Engineering background with a wealth of knowledge in the Design, Construction and operational aspects of ships and their associated equipment  

  Our combined active involvement in various sectors of Maritime Businesses & shipbuilding industries exceeds 60 years and the team includes Ex-Shipyard Managers, NB Project & Site Managers , and Engineers of the highest Caliber working closely in interdisciplinary project teams.

  This background is coupled with an entrepreneurial mind set & extensive Business Development , Sales and Marketing expertise which allows us to successfully support our Business Partners objectives through an array of scalable services.



Business is a game of consistency; a marathon of sorts and this understanding lies in the core of our approach and business philosophy.

  We are here to support our business partners for the long run, securing sustainable growth and a market leading position for their products and services.

  Following techno-economic as well as qualitative market survey of the specific products and services market potential we then work closely with our Business  Partners to develop a holistic Business Development Plan.

  This business Development Plan entails market entry and marketing strategies, quarterly pricing strategy, continuous optimization of product design and performance and ultimately increase of products or services competitiveness and improvement of their overall efficiency and market effectiveness.

 Our dedicated team then works relentlessly to ensure we deliver on our promise of sustainable long-term business growth , as we have done consistently over the last decade. 



Our teams successful and accumulated experience in Maritime & Shipbuilding Industry has enabled us to have access to an Exceptional network in Europe and Far East.

  Magna Mare’s platform has unique access to Key Decision makers in Ship Owning ,Shipbuilding, Ship management & Manufacturing Sectors.

  In addition our team has access to real time Local Market intelligence and project Leads and can support Business development efforts through updated   Techno-economic research and market analysis, enabling Word Leading Marine Manufacturing companies to achieve their Business Objectives.

Our vision is to be recognized as an E.Asian performance leader in the Shipping and Manufacturing industries by pursuing the sustainable growth of our few selected business partners through operational excellence.



  • Continued Improvement  
  • Compounding Synergy 
  • Unquestioning Reliability 
  • Unwavering Perseverance 
  • Relentless Innovation 
  • Uncompromising  Integrity 
  • Empowered team members
  • Continuous Personal Growth 


We are dedicated in providing unparalleled Technical & Commercial support to our Business Partners through the delivery of client focused , Cost effective, Quality assured , on-time products and services.

With a proactive mindset and awareness of market trends and requirements we always seek creative solutions for the maritime sector and we are committed in producing results in any challenge we take upon.

Our growing success is due to our carefull startegic planning , our exceptional team spirit and Loyalty to our business parteners.


We invest in the continuous personal development of all team members ensuring we grow stronger with time.

Synergy, Creativity & Transparency –  these are core attributes that underpin everything we do.


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